Value Engineering to Lower cost & Timeline

LEAN BUILD | Value Engineering to Lower cost & Timeline

East Water Purification Plant Houston, Texas


Construction of Plant One and Plant Two solids contactor process units complete with concrete structures, process building, process equipment, pumps, piping, polymer feed systems, electrical instrumentation and miscellaneous and site improvements. Construct dry polymer storage and blending system complete with automatic liquid polymer make-up system, dry polymer feeders, wetting equipment, surge tanks with mixers, piping, electrical, instrumentation and all miscellaneous appurtenances.

Construct sludge dewatering building expansion (cast-in place concrete structure with precast concrete wall panels) complete with all miscellaneous appurtenances and site improvements. Remove and replace four sludge centrifuges, slide gates, and related feed pumps, piping, VFDs, electrical, instrumentation and all related appurtenances. Remove and replace centrifuge dewatered sludge conveying systems with all required structural supports, sludge truck loading hoppers with slide gates complete with all electrical and related appurtenances.